Student of the year awards

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Renato, Pimlico Academy

"Since joining the school Renato has taken a keen interest in praise points and chooses to spend time at break and lunch, and even his own time after school, working in the shop helping hand out the prizes that other students buy, sorting and counting the prizes, and helping to keep waiting students lined up outside.

To earn extra points he has helped out other teachers, tidying out their classroom cupboards and running errands. He often visits the Geography department, his favourite subject, to ask for extra quizzes and challenges to help him learn more and earn a few extra points whilst he's there. He has joined various clubs and enjoys cooking and handwriting.

Renato has represented the school on a number of occasions, showing visitors around and it always happy to answer any questions they may have. He is a polite and caring student, always making sure he greets members of staff and asking them about their day. He will always offer to help someone in need. He has built strong friendships in school with many different students in his own year group as well as some older students which is a merit to his bright and happy personality.

Overall, Renato is our Student of the Year at Pimlico for his overall effort and happy demeanour around the building and for always wanting to do the best he can."


Max, Coombeshead Academy

"Max is one of our little stars at Coombeshead. He currently tops the epraise leader board with 223 points so far this year. He has achieved points in all 5 of our key areas relating to the school's ethos; Attitude, Academic Achievment, Community, Endeavour & Enrichment. He is also both a Community Ambassador and a Subject Ambassador. Students at Coombeshead have 4 ways of 'spending' their hard earned points; in the school shop, enter prize draws, save them for the end of year auction or give them away to one of the schools 3 main chairities. Max has donated 190 of his points to charity! His reason for this, 'I just like giving them away, its nice to help others!'

A truly wonderful asmbassador for the school, his year group and a credit to himself."


Lucy, Southbrook School

"She is the most enthusiastic and dedicated learner I have ever taught. Through massive challenges she still loves to try and participate in everything to the max. She loves school and it really shows. Lucy suffers from Dravet Syndrome (a severe form of Epilepsy) but never lets this or anything else stop her. She takes part in every area of school life including school productions and this year is taking part in the Ten Tors Jubilee Challenge.

Lucy always has a smile on her face, tries her best in everything, is ultra competitive and determined.”


Stacey, Fountains High School

"As a student who is new to the school this year Stacey has made remarkable progress with her attitude and behaviour and she is hugely deserving of Epraise's Student of the Year title. Stacey came to our school from a mainstream high school and found her initial weeks and months within our classroom settings difficult. She was creating issues with other students, causing continual disruption and being disrespectful and aggressive with staff members.

Stacey’s needs were to be met more successfully on an individual timetable, working alongside particular members of staff consistently for a time. Behaviour remained the same initially; however when the school set Stacey the goal of completing 4 weeks without issue she began to focus on making the right choices and listened to staff advice, transforming her mind set. Within the space of a Spring Term Stacey has gone over and above her 4 week goal and is currently succeeding in her 6th week of perfect behaviour.

She is a happier and more confident young lady, who has managed to cope with some tough events within her personal life, which she has tried hard not to be effected by. It is pleasure to see the positive change that has taken place with Stacey and we hope this award would be another boost to her self-esteem, helping to lead to her reintroduction into the classroom.”

Shaun, Teign School

"Shaun is consistently at the top of the charts for the whole school. Last year he collected 500+ epraise points, this year he has 454 so should top last year. To achieve 1000 points over two years would be an amazing achivement. He often comes in to school earlier to empty recycling bins and do other chores for teachers. He takes part in all house events and PE clubs. He also helps run the homework club at lunchtime. In short, he is Mr Epraise!”

Sam, Exeter Royal Deaf Academy

"Sam has improved from very little language as a deaf child with no access to English and very little in Brisitsh sign language to a child that now asks questions. Asking questions may not seem a big achievement, however to find out about the world around us you need to ask questions. He has started to read words in his environment and has just learnt at the age of 9 that words in his world have meaning. He works really hard and is determined to learn.”

Aaron, Rose Bridge Academy

"Aaron has an excellent attendance record and is always smartly dressed in full school uniform. He is well motivated and extremely hard working in all lessons completing any tasks to the best of his ability. Although he finds Numeracy particularly difficult he has worked tirelessly to improve his knowledge of his times tables which has impacted on his confidence when answering questions in lessons and has supported his problem solving skills. In Literacy he has improved the quality of his work by his willingness to listen carefully to feedback, act upon it and redraft his written work accordingly. As a member of the Small Learning Community Aaron is a role model for other students in the way he shows respect to all members of staff and his fellow students. He is a fantastic team player and great support in group work activities to both staff and students. A truly outstanding student who deserves success.”

Kieran, Dyson Perrins CE Academy

"Nominated because he is a great example of a 'turnaround' student. He was someone who got into a lot of trouble last year and accumulated lots of behaviour points for negative behaviours. Since the change in points system and the Epraise rewards Kieran has always worked hard to stay ahead of all his year group - a completely reformed character and proof that rewards work!”

Dan, Dyson Perrins CE Academy

"Dan is a real Dyson Perrins role model. He was off ill for most of last year with a serious illness but has come back this year and has put even more effort in than normal which has seen him get to the top of the Year 9 Epraise ladder. You won't find a nicer or more hard working student than Dan! He overcomes every barrier and is determined to succeed."

Henry, West Exe School

"Henry has shown an outstanding contribution to both school and community during this year. He has earned over 40 Accolades for everything from attendance, attitude to learning and most impressively representing his Speedway club at national level and earning himself the Champions trophy. Henry has reached over half of his Gold milestones this year across our Skills 4Life areas and continues to strive to achieve in all areas of the school. He is a role model for young males across the school.”

Sumayya, Oaklands School

"Sumayya is a conscientious student who has reached the bronze milestone. She has achieved the status of global ambassador, the highest responsibility given to students at Oaklands and is an epraise moitor. She is very reliable in her duties assisting other students with logging in and showing them around the epraise website. She is always present at the epraise meetings, she produces outstanding posters advertising the achievements of her her peers within the epraise structure. She helps out with extra curricular activities that the school hosts, eg. European Languages day.”

Jack, Dyson Perrins CE Academy

"Jack has made huge improvements in the last year in terms of attendance, engagement, attitude towards work and his overall achievement in subjects. He has improved his overall grades dramatically, going from being predicted 0 A*-C grades, to being on course to obtain a whopping 7 A*-C grades in the space of 1 academic year! He has shown a real maturity at times in lessons and tutor time, and is rarely recognised for his efforts. Jack’s behaviour has improved dramatically this year, only accumulating 24 behaviour points, compared to last years 207!"

Abigail, Coventry Blue Coat School

"Abigail has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to her studies through the positive attitude and effort that she demonstrates on a daily basis. She also contributes to the life of the school and has achieved epraise points across the spectrum, including for good citizenship around the school. Her attendance is very high, which she has also received epraise points for. She has achieved her silver milestone certificate (250 points) in year 8, which is a fantastic achievement. Abigail has also contributed hugely to fundraising for her year charity, where she has donated all of her 321 points to the donations page on epraise."

Emma, Wetherby High School

"I am nominating Emma for the epraise student of the year for a variety of reasons, she has taken to 'House Captain' exceptionally well, dependable, reliable and hard-working Emma has co-ordinated whole house events as well as being a vital part of our feedback and ideas group. She has gained status of 'Head Girl' and represents our House, School and coaching group with wisdom and maturity well ahead of her years. Representing the school in sports, Community remembrance events and political debates Emma continually receives deserved praise from a range of people. She is a shining example to all students and must be recognised for the time and effort she gives to others. I can not reinforce strongly enough the positive attributes this students has and brings to our community and school.”

Lewis, Southbrook School

"I would like to nominate Lewis. Unanimously across the school Tutors have commented on his sheer resilience and determination to tackle and overcome any challenges, both with his work and physically. He does all this despite his learning needs, Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy and never gives up. Added to this, Lewis is always happy, polite, an excellent role model and a really good and loyal friend. All adults connected to Lewis would have no hesitation whatsoever in nominating him and it has been a real delight and a privilege to have him in my Tutor group this term.”

Christine, Bishop Douglass School

"Christine is the most polite and well behaved student- an absolute pleasure to teach! She always responds with a smile and tries to work to the best of her ability. Christine is a conscientious, hardworking student. She has been making a fantastic progress and attending every possible intervention session to improve her English language skills. Everybody in school likes our lovely Christine, because of her big and kind heart.”