Student of the year awards

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Lauren-Jo, Rhosnesni High

"Lauren-Jo started at Rhosnesni towards the end of Year 8. Lauren-Jo has had a very difficult time through illness and has struggled throughout her school career; it has not been easy for her at all. She is mature beyond her years and has shown great strength and perseverance in all she does.

Despite all of her struggles, in Year 10 Lauren-Jo applied to become a Peer Mentor because she wanted to help others overcome any difficulties like she had had to do herself. She has become a fantastic support to the younger students in our Speech & Language base. Lauren-Jo has a unique gift in the way she connects with those student who need additional support in that area and has proved invaluable in helping them through the very difficult transition to high school phase.

The Manager of the base calls Lauren-Jo her "Angel". The Peer Mentor work is voluntary and Lauren-Jo gives up her break and lunch times every day to help and support other pupils.

In Year 11 Lauren-Jo applied to become part of the Senior Peer Mentor Team and through a fantastic interview earned the well-deserved position of Head Peer Mentor and has been an amazing ambassador for the school and role model for all pupils ever since. Lauren-Jo still struggles with her health issues, but she never lets it get her down. Lauren-Jo, along with her fellow Year 11 Peer Mentors, have just become the proud winners of a national award. The Princess Diana Champion Volunteer Award 2016, for giving the time to improve the lives of others. We couldn't be more proud of them."


Charlene, Altrincham College

"From the day she started Charlene has been a model student, her manners are impeccable and she puts 100% effort into everything she does. Charlene works brilliantly both academically and socially, her grades are outstanding and she is well respected amongst her peers. She has received a Gold attitudinal award during every term this year based on her attitude to learning in every subject.

Charlene participates in a number of various extra-curricular clubs/activities, she recently presented in front of over 100 people at a Trafford Home watch Event, speaking about the miss use of social media, something she has been covering in art club.

She recently won a creative writing competition and has had her poster professionally printed and displayed around school. As well as learning Spanish in her timetabled lessons, she has also started to attend a French club that she is thoroughly enjoying and embracing the new language. Charlene showed dedication throughout rehearsals and the performance of a Holocaust Memorial production. Her approach was both mature and sympathetic to the themes of the day. She was a joy to work with and demonstrated an extremely positive approach to everything she did. She juggled this commitment with many other demands on her lunch times and kept the staff informed at all times if she had a conflict with rehearsal times. This year she attended a gifted and talented Science day at The University of Manchester and won a competition that over 300 students from a range of schools entered.

She is a form representative and attends regular meetings to discuss improvements in the school. As well as this she is an excellent all-rounder when it comes to sports, She attends most extra-curricular sports: Volleyball, Netball, Football, Rounders, Dance/Martial Arts Programme. She is not a one-sport wonder like the majority of our talented sports players, she attends enthusiastically and is talented, but also very coachable and willing to improve. She shows continuous commitment and shows willing in helping younger player progress. She tries her very best in everything she does and is a very keen and proactive student, she goes above and beyond with school and homework and is a delight to have around!"


Ummezaynab, Pimlico Academy

"Ummezaynab has various different health challenges and allergies, these have led to her being hospitalised on more than one occasion throughout the academic year.

Despite this and her health difficulties, she has always strived to achieve her best and has never fallen behind in her studies. She has to be the happiest, most courteous, helpful, and engaged student in Year 8.

She throws herself into everything positive and always offers support to other students and staff alike. She is a fantastic ambassador for Year 8 and the high expectations we require here at the academy and has embodied all our values awarded for Epraise. She loves Arts and Crafts and often makes things in her own time for those who are at home unwell and need a little cheering up. Her compassionate personality has enabled her to be a great leader and role model for those in her year group and above.

In closing I'd like to say that she has the most infectious smile that always relaxes an anxious cover supervisor or peer, coupled with exceptional manners. She is always loves making people feel good and enjoys having fun while learning."


John, Preston Lodge High School

"As Head Boy John would always be expected to be a visible presence as a school ambassador. However John has always sought to go the extra mile, and identify opportunities to showcase the school and, in particular, support the pupils.

John has been an active member of the film club for years, which has helped him to develop the skills and creativity required for studying film at university next year. This year, in particular, he collaborated on a film about the demise of a community icon, Cockenzie Power Station. John has always been keen to encourage younger pupils within the film club, and has always set a good example. John has never allowed the fact that he is dyslexic to hold him back from his studies - in fact it has spurred him on to show others that having an ASN does not need to put a block on ambition. In particular John has been pro-active in getting that message across at school assemblies and to feeder primaries.

This March and April, John visited our feeder primary schools to speak to all P7 students on having dyslexia/literacy difficulties. John gave presentations and answered all questions the primary students had. In conjunction with visits to the primary schools, primary 7 students identified as having specific literacy difficulties/dyslexia were invited to Preston Lodge. Sessions were led by John, another dyslexic student and the teacher who heads up our dyslexia support service. These sessions included an outline of the supports available at Preston Lodge. Feedback from the primary 7 students and their primary teachers show that this was a great success!

John combined his two passions by making a film about dyslexia ( This was used as part of his portfolio for university entrance. He has also answered questions about coping with dyslexia at a screening of another film, at the Edinburgh Film Festival. His efforts were rewarded by being awarded a certificate by the charity Dyslexia Scotland, who have also invited him to become one of their Young Ambassadors."

Jessica, Teign School

"Jessica has 341 points. She is an exemplary student, always working hard in school, and trying her very best. She is an active member of Tigers House and is a keen supporter of various activities including the Sponsored Read.

In addition to the high total of Epraise points she has earned, she has not got any behaviour logs whatsoever. To quote Jessica " I am ALWAYS asking questions so that I learn more, and I ALWAYS strive to achieve my very best." A truly amazing student."

Mattar, Al Yasat Private School

"Mattar has made substantial progress in his behaviour this term and this has led to him also making excellent progress in all subject areas. He has really been an exemplar student and has had a great impact on his peers. His motivation has improved to such an extent that he was the first student to achieve the first milestone and the first to achieve the second silver award. EPraise has had a tremendous impact in motivating Mattar to achieve and exceed the results he was truly capable of achieving."

Norton, Court Fields School

"Norton has easily exceeded every measure of any noteworthy criteria associated with being a secondary school student. He has deservedly been awarded Head Boy status at Court Fields School, due his exemplary character, conduct and attitude.

His extra curricular involvement includes Ten Tours, Peer Parliament, Senior prefect and Yearbook committee coordinator for Emerald House, a small illustration of his investment in our school community. Always available for the younger students, Norton will freely give of his spare time and advice to mentor those in need and can often be seen in conversation with all age groups. He has always been a top ambassador for the school during open evenings, parents evenings, interview panels, student voice conferences and any other duty that has been asked of him."

James, Preston Lodge High School

"James has worked exceedingly hard this year, to support the work of the library and the epraise shop. Nothing is too much bother for James. He takes out the recycling, runs errands and has helped with a stocktake. James has very limited reading and writing ability and we have been using epraise to read new words on epraise posters etc and as a motivator to keep him on task and focused.

James struggles with new concepts and find it difficulty to work in a team, but over the last 6 months he has become a valued member of the library team. Recently he traded in his epraise points for pencils and it was a joy to hear and see him giggling in delight. He is saving for a School Hoodie. The progress that James has achieved academically and socially is excellent to see."

Aiden, Schools Company North Devon Academy

"Aiden has been with our school for a few years now as he never quite coped with main stream school. He is an advocate for all students in the 'pru' system.

He never complains, always works to the best of his ability, has outstanding relationships with all staff and students. Regardless of his struggles within academic work he never lets this affect his upbeat mood during his time with us! I am so proud to say that he is one of my students and when he leaves us this year we will all miss his constant dancing and hilarious antics! Dave (my nickname for Aiden) will be sorely missed by all of us at North Devon Academy and deserves every success plus all the happiness in the world!"

Ryan, Rhosnesni High School

"Ryan is one of the most mature reliable young people I know. When he joined the Peer Mentor team in Year 10 he was one of the most popular peer mentors, because he has the most approachable, friendly manner and is a natural at making young people feel at ease. He is kind, caring, and understanding and a good listener. The Year 7 pupils would always ask for Ryan to help them and he did a lot of one to one work with many younger pupils, supporting them through their transition into high school. The Peer Mentor work is voluntary and Ryan gives up his break and lunch times every day to help and support other pupils.

In Year 11 Ryan applied to be part of the Peer Mentor Senior Team. This team help in the day to day running of the scheme and we could not manage without them. We were so impressed with him at interview that he secured the post of Head Peer Mentor and has been a fantastic ambassador for the school and role model for all pupils ever since. Ryan is so well respected by staff and his peers and people always comment on how well-mannered and respectful he is. Ryan is an absolute credit to our school and himself. If ever somebody is not able to carry out their peer mentor duty, Ryan will step in and cover for them, he not only looks after the younger Year 7 pupils he makes sure the younger peer mentors are looked after too, checking up on them making sure they are OK.

Ryan, along with his fellow Year 11 peer mentors, have just become the proud winners of a national award. The Princess Diana Champion Volunteer Award 2016, for giving the time to improve the lives of others. We couldn't be more proud of them."

Aaron, St Joseph's Catholic High School

"Aaron has taken on board the epraise rewards system with 100% energy and enthusiasm. He has been top of the leader board since pretty much day 1 (all bar a few days when he was overtaken by a year 9 student). He is first to offer to pick litter at lunch times and contribute to the community in any way that he can, always with a smile.

He has worked hard academically and been rewarded through epraise for the amount of effort he puts into his school work. When ever he gets an opportunity to represent the School or his House he will be there. Recently he won a computer programming competition run by Heathrow airport where he had to programme a robot that he constructed. His attendance is 99% and punctuality excellent. He really is an example of someone who has used epraise to motivate him and go that extra mile."

Elisha, Dollis Junior School

"It is a privilege to have Elisha in my class. She is an excellent role model, liked by all her classmates and those staff members lucky enough to work with her. She is kind, polite and sweet-natured. She has a calming influence on those around her. Elisha is always prepared to help other children.

She is always cheerful and positive about school and she never complains about anything or anyone. Elisha works hard in all subject areas. She remains fully focussed on her work, trying her best at all times. She listens respectfully when advice is being provided and responds pro-actively when this advice is given, always aiming to do better."

Harri, Rhosnesni High School

"I would like to nominate Harri as our Student of the Year in Rhosnesni for his overall effort and happy demeanour around the school and for always wanting to do the best he can. As Chair of our School Council Harri was instrumental in supporting the introduction to Epraise in our School.

Harri has represented the school on a number of occasions, in his role as deputy Head Boy and Peer Mentor showing visitors around and is always happy to answer any questions they may have. He is a polite and caring student, always making sure he greets members of staff and asking them about their day. He will always offer to help someone in need. He has built strong friendships in school with many different students in his own year group as well as some younger students which reflects his helpful nature and bright, happy personality.

Indeed he is a role model for young males across the school. Harri always has a smile on his face, tries his best in everything, is ultra-competitive and determined to be successful. He has an excellent attendance record and is always smartly dressed in full school uniform. He is well motivated and extremely hard working in all lessons completing any tasks to the best of his ability. He aims for high academic achievement but also has a natural talent for sport- football specifically. He has represented the school, the county and even Wales at both under 16 and under 18 level where he has achieved his caps for Wales. He has also gained himself a scholarship at Shrewsbury Town Football Club for next year. He is a fantastic team player and a great support in group work activities to both staff and students. Harri is a truly wonderful ambassador for the school, his year group and a credit to himself."

Phebe, Pimlico Academy

"Since joining the academy Phebe has made a consistent effort to produce work of the highest standard in all of her lessons. All her teachers state she is a pleasure to teach, gives 100% in lessons is always eager to offer answers and volunteer for tasks. She is well organised, attentive and full of enthusiasm, always wants to develop further skills and this shows in her research of topics and then applying what she has learnt into her learning whether this be an academic of physical activity, such as PE, technology or creative subjects. In a recent piece of History homework she completed, she not only completed the piece of work but also made a video about the topic to discuss what she had learnt about the topic, and why it interested her. She added suggestions to her peers why the topic and subject were interesting the type of things they could discover.

She is always keen to discuss her learning in each subject and is an avid reader and will have several conversations about her current book as well as recommending books to her peers to read.

Phebe is happy to take on responsibility and has shown this in tutor time, she is the form admin representative, she collects all information required for the form each day, returns any information at the end of tutor time and ensures that any information which needs to be passed onto year team is passed on daily. On Fridays for assembly she brings down the rear of the form to assembly after ensuring the form room is left clean and tidy as it is also a teaching room, thus it is ready for the entering class to have their lesson, this is a task she does each day and began to do so without being asked.

Phebe is a keen musician and performs well on various instruments and is excellent at recalling content, she has been selected to participate on the Fast Track Music programme where she will have the opportunity to take part in extracurricular ensembles in addition to her extended day music lessons.

All Phebe’s teachers have described her a polite, conscientious, thoughtful, happy and always smiling young lady, who is helpful to all her peers and friends, which as the year team leads we would agree whole heartedly, she is most often the person to volunteer for tasks but she is also good at identifying the positive skills of her fellow peers.

Phebe, demonstrates all the school values naturally and is it very difficult not to acknowledge her on a very regular basis as she stands out so much for her qualities, dedication to her studies, kindness and thoughtfulness to her peers and teachers, as an all-round motivated, positive pupil. She clearly enjoys learning and uses every opportunity in each lesson to build on the previous lesson, school for her is a place of pleasure and enjoyment. She is also very modest, so completing her work in each class is not just about collecting I-Points (our name for praise points) but about collecting knowledge. She is certainly an asset to our school and a credit to her family. "

Reuben, Altrincham College

"Reuben has repeatedly shown a great amount of commitment to the school community since starting at Altrincham College. He demonstrates great leadership skills and Reuben will often ask other students to "listen" in a lesson and if one of his friends is ever misbehaving, he will ask them to go and work elsewhere and explain why he does not want to work with them.

Reuben also commits to science club every Thursday lunch time, assisting in the handing out of equipment and clearing away (without being asked). Reuben is a great role model in his class, running to lessons so that he is not late and always arrives with a smile on his face asking his teachers 'how are you today?'.

He also hands the books out in every lesson without being asked and shows a huge amount of commitment to learning, doing extra research at home for many subjects always participating in class discussions. Many other pupils in Reuben's class have recognized this and have started to follow in his footsteps, therefore Reuben has had a very positive effect on the whole class. He is an asset to the year group and he is even well known by the school office staff as he is extremely polite and regularly holds the doors open, asking if they would like anything being carried for them."

Chioma, Dollis Junior School

"Chioma is a fantastic role model; she is polite, helpful, kind and consistently puts 100% effort and focus into all lessons and every piece of work she completes. As well as this, Chioma is chair of our school council, and does a fantastic job in the organisation and meetings that they hold. Furthermore, Chioma often exceeds my expectations by writing brilliant poems, interesting narratives and impartial discussions at home, of her own accord. On top of all this, Chioma recently took it upon herself to show off her entrepreneurial skills and hand-knitted some beautiful, creative owl key rings and sold them to staff and pupils at school. She then donated half of her takings to charity."

Ellie, Rhosnesni High School

"Ellie is an outstanding pupil, who has an excellent attitude towards school life. She is always hard working and wants to work to the best of her ability. She is well mannered, polite and an asset to the school. She enjoys receiving points through epraise and is always keen to gain more. Ellie is supportive to others and is very sociable. She takes pride in being part of our epraise shop delivery service team, where she collects and delivers shop purchases to the pupils in her year group and has received points, accolades and achievements relating to the school's ethos; Respect, Honesty and Success. I am proud to nominate her."

Shivali, Ousedale School

"Shivali has been the chair of the Year 10 student council, attended 9 ASPIRE (G&T) sessions, written articles for the school newsletter, completed her Bronze Student leadership accreditation, presented to SLT with regards to her work as part of the Student council and has played an active role in obtaining prizes as part of our KS4 ePraise draw, helping to raise awareness and promote ePraise across KS4. Her commitment and dedication towards the year group could never be shown purely via ePraise points, so I believe this would be a great way to recognise her enthusiasm to school life."

Sam, Northallerton School and Sixth Form College

"In addition to working hard in lessons, Sam goes the extra mile. He works in the LRC once a week, for months switching on all the computers and taking the stools down first thing in the morning. He always takes part in charity fund raising whether it be non uniform or wearing a silly hat to raise awareness of Parkinson's disease. He's helpful, polite and a pleasure to know."

Emma, St Luke’s Sports and Science College

"Not only has she got an enormous amount of Epraise points - having won her gold badge - Emma is polite and enormously resilient. She comes into tutor every morning with a smile on her face and takes down all the chairs with our her tutor having to ask. She is consistently focussed in lessons and has worked hard to produce her very best work, including some exceptional artwork!"