Our online parents' evening booking system

Parents' evenings are an essential part of engaging parents in their child's education and increased parental engagement is often a big factor in helping children achieve the best progress possible. Unfortunately parents' evenings aren't easy to organise and analysing them after the event is extremely difficult.

We've come up with a new feature that solves many of the difficulties with traditional booking systems. Arranging appointments is now incredibly easy, but the real power of our new platform is on the night, where teachers get a live view of who is attending and how those students are doing and afterwards when the school leadership team can get a detailed analysis of who attended.

Computer showing parents evening view

Parents' evenings made easy

Text lines


Set up parents' evenings in a matter of minutes

Settings cog


Choose settings that suit the parents' evening you are running

Plus symbol


Staff, students and parents can all book appointments



Record details of any last-minute appointments

Location icon

Check in

Live arrivals are indicated on appointment sheets

Messenger text bubble


Quick access to student data to help support the discussion

Tick symbol


Mark who's attended and write follow up notes

Analytics graph


View detailed statistics for individuals and groups

Why is this better than the alternatives?

There are a few alternatives to our parents' evening option out there. Paper based parents' evenings are still quite popular, but make it extremely difficult to have an overview of how well an evening has gone and miss out on all the benefits of online parents' evenings previously mentioned. Other electronic systems aren't often well thought-through and haven't got access to all the data epraise has, so can't ever give you the full picture.

Not only can you save a lot of time with epraise parents' evenings, you can also save a lot of money. Schools are really struggling with budgets at the moment, so by integrating systems for parents' evenings, rewards, seating plans, homework and so on into one package, schools can make their money go further.

What do schools say?

Schools using our parents' evening feature think it's great - they've reported all kinds of improvements including most importantly increased attendance. Parents have made comments such as "the best organised parent’s evening I have ever attended" and "loved the online booking system. So simple".

What does it look like?

We don't want to give too much away, but here's a few screenshots to give you an idea.

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