Student of the year awards


Wiktoria, St Luke's Science and Sports College

"Wiktoria is an inspiration to all of us here at St. Luke's. When she first arrived in the country as a Polish national and joined her primary school, Wiktoria spoke barely any English and found education and the social elements of school extremely daunting and challenging, as so many EAL students do. Through her relentless positivity towards everything she does, Wiktoria has not only learned English to an extremely high standard, but is now also excelling in her studies, with some of the best progress and attainment data in her year group. Wiktoria is heavily involved in Drama and school productions, PE and extra-curricular sports teams both in and out of school, helps to spearhead a Girls' Leadership and Marketing (GLAM) group who promote healthy active lifestyle and physical activity for girls in school and has recently been appointed as the school's Head Girl for next year. Wiktoria has been involved in mentoring younger students and has also acted as a translator for other polish students in school who are finding the language barrier a real challenge to learning. Wiktoria is an outstanding role model to all of her peers and is a fantastic example of how a positive, growth mind-set can help you achieve anything."


Lewis, Altrincham College

"Lewis is an outstanding student. He continues to thrive at Altrincham College both academically and personally. Lewis is a positive role model to his peers and younger students conducting himself with maturity, great leadership skills and resilience. Lewis has consistently achieved silver and gold attitudinal awards for his approach to learning which demonstrates his commitment to study. Lewis is a proactive member of the year group, taking part in charity events and assemblies. In addition to his success at school, Lewis is a member of Trafford Police Cadets. Over the years Lewis has climbed to Head Cadet which is the highest rank. Lewis recently represented Trafford Police cadets at greater Manchester police Headquarters during a royal visit from Prince William. The Prince was visiting to meet with the Chief Constable Ian Hopkins. Lewis was able to meet with Prince William and Mr Hopkins. In a conversation with the Queens Royal representative, Lewis was praised for his commitment and dedication to the force. Lewis was also awarded a nationally recognised policing award recently for the best cadet unit in Greater Manchester. In addition to Lewis' success here, Lewis has also completed both the bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh award schemes and is hoping to start the Gold award as soon as he turns 16. As part of the silver award, Lewis took part in an 11 mile walk in Oldham, Manchester. Lewis is aspiring to visit Uganda to volunteer as part of the gold award. Lewis has represented his form as a form representative and took an active role in ensuring students concerns and heard and addressed. Lewis has also recently been successful in his application to become a student leader at school. He is hoping to apply for the role of senior student leader at some point this term. Lewis is clearly a determined, committed and inspiring young man who is set to have a very bright future ahead. I am very proud of Lewis' achievements to date and wait eagerly to congratulate him on his future accomplishments. Well done Lewis!"


Ethan, Hanley Castle High School

"Ethan is the most positive pupil we have. We are very lucky to have him at our school and his primary school still miss him to this day! He has received his triple bronze award, his super scientist award, his student receptionist award and pupil of delight award. He is kind to those around him and works really hard every day towards his dream of becoming a games designer in the future. He spends most tutor times practising to this end, signed examples of his work available on request - they will be worth a fortune one day! Most impressively Ethan does all of these things completely independently and is a real role model for what is possible, and staying positive in the face of adversity. Well done Ethan!"


Oliver, Exmouth Community College

HOY: "Long term medical issues but has been brilliant. Always positive, kind and thoughtful. Never complains and has been a delight." Tutor: "Ollie is the most exceptional student. Despite needing his wheel chair to even cross sites when he is tired, Ollie is the most positive presence and is the first one to sign up to everything. He works incredibly hard, as his teachers will testify, and is an absolute delight to be around. He is a brilliant young man and has never failed to do something because of his condition. He tries incredibly hard at every task, and is an exceptionally positive member of the tutor groups and his classes." Epraise: Achieved 96 points which in ECC is v high. Has four accolades two of which are from the Deputy Principal. He has six achievements: Attitude/Academic/Top of Year Group/Inspiration/Top of Tutor Group/Service to Others.

Nell, The Priory School

"Nell deserves to be known as "student of the year 2017" as she puts 100% effort into all aspects of life - whether it be in school or out of school. Nell is a kind and loyal friend to others and works really hard in lessons to ensure that she is either on or above her end of year target (she is currently above target in 5 lessons). Nell takes every opportunity given to her and fully invests in these, taking part in dancing, musicals, music concerts, instrumental lessons etc. She gives up a lot of her time to aid charity work, Nell created her own soup kitchen at home to raise money for the Hitchin Food Bank and also cut off her hair for The Little Princess Charity. We are all immensely proud of Nell at The Priory School."

Charlie, St Luke's Science and Sports College

"Charlie is an exceptional young man. As well as being a fantastic role model to younger students in our school, he has contributed heavily to charity work both in and outside of school, instigating a healthy smoothie charity bar with friends which raised over £250 for Hospicecare. Charlie also voluntarily provides commentary for blind Exeter City Football Club fans on match days. Charlie is a qualified football referee and officiates matches every weekend, but has also overseen numerous football fixtures for the school this year, saving the PE Department a large amount of money in official fees. Charlie is conscientious, humble and an absolute pleasure to have in our school. Charlie never expects any recognition for any of the extra things he does for the school and his community and we'd love it if his efforts and contributions could be more widely recognised and celebrated."

Connor, Rhosnesni High School

"Connor is a lovely young man who has been exemplary for the past 4 years in terms of attitude and determination to do well. Connor is a very quiet and unassuming student who has done a lot for the school community through peer mentoring and quite often gives up his own free time to work with a number of younger students who need additional support in settling into their surroundings on a one to one basis. Connor is a natural at making them feel comfortable and at ease. He is like a big Brother to them, kind, caring and understanding and a fantastic listener; nothing is too much trouble. During the transition days, when students came from primary to secondary school for visits, Connor worked tirelessly with all of the younger students. They were drawn to his caring nature & his sense of fun he laughed and joked with them & they all wanted to be in his group! He is excellent with younger students and knows how to makes them feel safe and confident. Connor has also represented our school in his role as peer mentor as an RHS Ambassador. Connor has been recognised through epraise for his caring qualities."

Morgan, Hanley Castle High School

"Morgan is one of the best year 7 pupils we have ever had. He is a pupil that makes the most of every opportunity that the school has to offer. He has won our Commitment to learning awards, our Pelican awards, Pupil of delight and star of the week. His epraise achievements look pretty full for a pupil only in his first year with us. However these awards only partially encapsulate the amazing student and person that Morgan is. His ability to bring out the best in those around him is second to none. On many occasions he has gone out of his way to support others in the classroom and around school, not for rewards but just because he is a brilliant young man. We are very lucky to have Morgan as a pupil and would like this award to, in some small way show him we appreciate everything that he does every single day."

Terri, Altrincham College

"Terri is an absolute asset to the year group and has shown absolute dedication, determination, commitment and motivation to the school since starting back in September. Terri is a natural leader and has shown huge motivation around school with regards to extra-curricular clubs; Terri attends Creative Writing, Drama Club and Science Club and has even researched and led and demonstrated her own practical. In addition to this, Terri has led a charity cake sale for her form group in order to demonstrate communication in her form group's assembly. Terri is also one of three pupils who has achieved a badge for 'resilience' in her pixL Edge attributes and continues to add completed tasks in order to achieve her 'apprentice' certificate. The fact that Terri has been at the top of the leader board on epraise for the majority of the year reflects Terri's on-going outstanding attitude to learning; encouraging others to progress and to constantly push herself to achieve more. Terri is an absolute pleasure to have in the year group; she is always polite, smiling, has outstanding attendance, extremely helpful and constantly strives to do her best. Terri will be extremely successful in her school career and absolutely deserves to be the epraise student of the year! Well done Terri!"

Libby, Valley Gardens Middle School

"Libby has overcome a great deal of hardship this year and has grown in confidence massively. Libby became a young carer, but despite this has maintained an extremely positive and cheerful attitude towards school. She has still tried to ensure she plays an active part in school life by being a buddy/mentor to several other pupils and has taken part in our school carol concert. Her attitude to lessons is exemplary and she works hard to ensure she makes progress in all subjects, even those she finds challenging."

Megan, Havant Academy

"Megan is a delightful student in Year 7 at Havant Academy. She may not have the most epraise points in her year (19th in the Academy), but as a student she fits the ethos of our epraise categories the best. She tries hard in lessons, even when things seem really tough. She cares - this is important on lots of levels; she cares about her own learning, but also her friends learning and wellbeing too. She demonstrates great integrity and moral compass in the academy, this allows her to maintain a positive attitude throughout her school day. She is an exceptional worker and produces some of the best homework in the year group. If anyone would deserve and epraise award, it would be Megan for brightening the school day with her enthusiasm and commitment to learning and friendship."

Freya, Valley Gardens Middle School

"Freya has embraced our new epraise system fully and is a student who is the epitome of all a school would wish a star student to be. She not only sets herself high expectations academically, but she also partakes whole-heartedly in every aspect of school life. She participates in a plethora of extra-curricular sports, and is a sports leader in school, for which she has achieved many accolades. She is a loyal and supportive peer and has been especially caring of more vulnerable pupils. She has a mature outlook and strives to be the best in all that she does. Creativity is another string to her bow and she does all this with modesty and humility."

Hannah, Valley Gardens Middle School

"Hannah is an outstanding student all round. She takes an active part in school life, by participating in extra-curricular music activities, representing her class as a school council rep and participating in several school concerts and showcases. Despite being quiet and conscientious she has tried to overcome any shyness by being secretary for the whole school council, often having to speak to bigger groups of people than she is used to. She attends German breakfast club at 7.30am every Wednesday morning and loves to encourage others around her. She works hard in lessons and gives her all to everything she does. She should be extremely proud of all that she has achieved!"

Jacob, Rhosnesni High School

"Jacob is an outstanding pupil, who has an excellent attitude towards school life. He is always hard working and strives to work to the best of his ability. He is well mannered, polite and an asset to our school. Jacob is a reliable young man who is always happy to help others. He is already a valued member of our Nurture room committee and will be highly recommended to join our Peer Mentor team next year supporting our younger students. Jacob went above and beyond what's expected of him earlier this year and was awarded an accolade for his sensitivity towards Remembrance Day events producing a moving powerpoint presentation off his own back which was shared to the rest of the school over our big screens. Jacob also shows and interest and takes part in numerous extra-curricular activities including playing for the school football team and has also been recognised by our sports department for being a regular member of our 5X60 lunchtime sports activity club."

Courtney, Rhosnesni High School

"Courtney is a conscientious and courteous young lady. She has worked tirelessly during her time at the school and always adopts a positive attitude towards her learning, indeed all aspects of school life. Courtney presents herself well at all times and has largely gone unrecognised as she simply gets on with it. She has led the way in terms of preparing herself for the G.C.S.E examinations, attending revision class after school three or four times a week on top of the extra studying she has completed in her own time. One of Courtney's most admirable qualities is her willingness to keep going and she has strived hard this year to make progress in all subject areas, in particular Maths and English. Courtney has taken her role as a prefect this year very seriously indeed and she has been an excellent role model for the younger students. She has been an excellent ambassador for the school and it has been a pleasure to know this young lady. "

Evie, Coombeshead Academy

"She is amazing, never lets anything get her down, is reliable hard working and pleasant. She also is pursuing a lot of things outside of school but is very modest!! Email from parents: (I wanted to let you know about Evie's recent sporting and ongoing sporting success as Evie seems a little reluctant to tell you herself!!! - typical Evie really. She may have mentioned that a few weeks ago she competed at the South Devon Horse Show held at Newton Abbot Racecourse. During this event she competed in the Show Hunter class and won. She then qualified as the champion of the following classes which then allowed her to qualify for the Supreme Championship class of the show - which puts all those who have won or come second place in every class (and there is a huge range) that has been held during the show. She then competed against them and was won that class too, making her the shows Supreme Champion. All of this within less than two weeks of having had the pony she had been riding for the past year put to sleep. In addition to this Evie has been training hard this year as part of the South Devon West Pony Club mounted games team. Last Saturday she competed with the team at the Devon County Show where the team gained fourth place. The following day she competed with the team at the Pony club area Prince Phillip Cup (mounted games) competition in Cornwall where they won first place against all of the teams in the area. They have now qualified for the Zones and will now compete with other teams from across the south west zone with the aim of achieving a place at the Horse of the Year show. So its fingers crossed! The show season is well underway and Evie is far too modest to tell you what she gets up to so hence my email. She also recently lost a pony and although this saddened her greatly she picked herself up and threw herself back into her sporting pursuits and went on to win several more competitions."

Roisin, Southbrook School

"Roisin has excelled at hairdressing college, completed a successful transition to Petroc and achieved in all her subjects. She has also overcome huge issues at home and remained positive and focussed. She has completed the Ten Tors Jubilee challenge for the 3rd year in a row and is a real star in all areas. A positive, friendly, inspiring young lady."

Kwadwo, Bishop Douglass School

"Kwadwo started the year as a reserved student who lacked confidence; however, over the academic year, he has blossomed as he has developed positive relationships with staff and peers. Kwadwo's effort in class is outstanding; he is always the first person to be ready at the start of the lesson and is keen to contribute in class. Kwadwo is an incredibly diligent student who spends much of his spare time ensuring that his class and homework are completed to a good standard. His manners are impeccable and he is always offering to help teachers. He has also maintained a 100% attendance record this academic year. Kwadwo is a delight to teach and he acts as a role model to not only his class and his year group but students across the school."